New All Japan Series Bogu sets are widely used at All Japan Championships and was also used by athletes from various countries including the Japan National Team at World Championships.
    NAJP are suitable for competitions and shinsa of high-dan players.


    Suitable for everyone from beginners to top kendo players. We have a rich lineup of bogu that are used for general practice, and world tournaments. Mugen series bogu are made in Japan, designated as a traditional craft and made using the highest technologies of Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho.


    Saito was created to promote the town called Saito where Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho's manufactory is located. Saito bogu are affordable and easy to use.


    Himuka was invented by Hirofumi Niina, a traditional craftsman from Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho, which is known for its traditional crafts. It is a multi-purpose Kendogu for those who appreciate the Japanese craftmanship quality .

  • JW

    It has become famous as a protective gear worn by everyone, including those involved in the All Japan Championships, police personnel, and famous kendo players. The production is done by traditional craftsmen. JW was designated as a traditional craft and has the highest quality.

  • CHO

    It was designed for young people and is used for competitions such as national tournaments.
    It was used by a high school in Fukuoka that regularly participated in national tournaments, and it became popular all over the world.


    We devised a pattern that was in demand today and completed it through repeated meetings with craftsmen. When you put your hands in it, a soft space spreads out. We use cutting-edge technology.

  • ICHI

    It is made with the concept of being more affordable and easily available.
    It is used by people who are just starting out and for practice.


    Kendogi and Hakama for all pursposes.

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    Shinai and Bokuto for all purposes.

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Our Craftsmen

Our craftsmen and artisans have been making Kendo equipment for at least 20 years (some of them more than 40 years) in the traditional Japanese way.

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Kendo Players select us

Our kendo equipment is favored by influential kendo players in Japan and overseas.
From beginners to top players, we will continue making our products with sincerity and bring the best quality budogu to our customers.

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About Us

It is said that we are the only factory in Japan capable of making every part of the Kendo equipment by ourselves.

The 70% of the Bogu made in Japan actually comes from our factory.

Get to know about us more by clicking on the link below.

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How to measure

On this page you can find the guidance for size measurements of bogu sets and kendo uniforms.
Please check the sizes carefully before placing your order.

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After-sales service

Our company has a manufacturing factory in Japan (Miyazaki Prefecture), therefore we are fully prepared for after-sales service and repairs.

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For products launched after March 2023, we are incorporating the time-honored technique of 'Bushu Sei Aizome Cotton Fabric' from Saitama Prefecture. Experience the enhanced ALL JAPAN PITCH.

At our factory in Miyazaki prefecture, our skilled traditional craftsmen produce Kendo equipment that has been certified as traditional crafts. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to details.