Our Craftsmen

Hirofumi Niina - Traditional Craftsman

He has been working as a craftsman since he was 15 years old, and currently supports our workshop with over 40 years of experience in making kendo equipment.
He makes all parts of kendo bogu, but needless to say, he is famous for his technique of making men for kendo, so he gets requests from all over the country.
He is said to be one of the finest traditional craftsmen in Japan.

Koei Matano - Manufacturing Manager

As the manufacturing manager, he supports Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho (NKS) Workshop. Here, he manages everything from material selection and manufacturing management to the factory itself. He is strict and does not allow compromises in quality checks. 

Yoichi Miyake - Craftsman

A 20-odd-year veteran of kendo men making, he continues to make men as the chief craftsman of the men section.
His technique of making men from scratch is undoubtedly positioned as one of the finest in Japan, he also manufactures MUGEN and other high-end brands' men.
Currently, he is listed as a candidate for a traditional craftsman.

Yoji Yamashita - Craftsman

Nearly 30 years after becoming a craftsman, he is positioned closest to traditional craftsman.
Currently, he is the chief craftsman of the Do section, and  working on the highest grade Dos. 
In addition, he is also involved in the production of "Jukendo kata", "Naginata sune" and "Bamboo do".

Kyoko Ezono - Craftsman

A veteran who has been with the company for nearly 50 years. She makes kendo bogu in general. 
All the orders she has also received for repairs got excellent reviews from our customers.

Sachiko Yuchi - Craftsman 

It's been nearly 50 years since she joined the company, and she has been supporting the factory mainly being in charge of making kendo tare. 

Miyoko Yuchi - Craftsman

It's been nearly 50 years since she joined the company, and you can be fascinated by the way she sews. 

Hideki Katsuyama - Craftsman

He has 20 years of experience and he is in charge of making finishing touches of kendo kote. The hard work of making it with thought and effort is easy to see.
Everyday he comes early in the morning and prepares kote for our customers.

Kazuyuki Kodama - Craftsman

His technique of producing kote futon (kote padding) is the finest in the world.

Wataru Kiyomoto - Craftsman

It has been 15 years since he joined the company and he has been working hard all these years.
He is  mainly in charge of kendo men's tailoring and he makes more than 5 of them in a day. The number of men he has made so far exceeds 20,000.

Takahiko Kawabe - Craftsman & Executive Director of All Japan (Zen Nihon) Budogu

He is not only an executive director of Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho and All Japan (Zen Nihon) Budogu companies, but also a craftsman. He has been mainly in charge of making the molds for kendo equipment and its design.
In the past, he created brands such as ∞MUGEN, ALL JAPAN PITCH, and Saito series of kendo bogu which are well-known not only around Japan, but also in foreign countries.
He makes all kinds of bogu, but he is mainly good at making kote  and tezashi.

Mieko Momohara - Craftsman

She has been making kendo kote for nearly 40 years. Even now, after retiring from the position of head craftsman, she continues to teach at the manufactory.
The kote she had produced, have changed their names to the brands of dealers nationwide.

Michiko Mizumoto - Craftsman

It has been a long time since she is being in charge of making kendo kote. "Matsuri" and "Kazari" tailoring of kote and kote's hair staffing always have beautiful and elegant finish. 

Sueko Kuroki - Craftsman

She has been supporting our company for many years mainly being  in charge of producing kendo men. 

Kozue Yano - Craftsman

She was selected as the chief craftsman of making kendo tare at a young age. Her career started at the company 15 years ago and the technique she uses for making the tare is excellent.