About us


In Japan we are the only company that owns both a Japanese and a foreign factories, allowing us to create, manage and develop our own products while teaching, prepare and train our foreign workers directly.

Our workshops

① Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho - Saito city, Miyazaki Prefecture


80 years of history, in which even the Emperor came to observe how the Japanese Bogu was made, defines Nihon Kendogu Seisakusho (NKS) workshop. 

We were the first ones to develop the Machine Stitch Bogu and introduced it to the world.

Our craftsmen and artisans have been making Kendo equipment for at least 20 years (some of them more than 40 years) in the traditional Japanese way.

It is said that we are the only factory in Japan capable of making every part of the Kendo equipment by ourselves.

The 70% of the Bogu made in Japan actually comes from our factory.


②  Laos 

This workshop is 100% self-funded and owned, guided by skilled local artisans. The Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Laos even invited us to their official residences prior to the Mekong Summit Meeting, where they showed us their gratitude.

Kendo bogu produced in our factories are recognized as traditional crafts, made by certified craftsmen. We believe our factories are the reason we're regarded as Japan's top manufacturer. Working side-by-side, we strive to bring the best quality goods.

 We  guarantee reliable  kendo equipment

Our 80-year-old workshop (NKS) is renowned for making best quality kendo equipment which is favored by Japan's top athletes. There was once an imperial exhibition held in the factory, and it's been awarded as a prize in world competitions and all-Japan championships. Some of the athletes competing in the All Japan and World Championships have also visited our workshop in Miyazaki prefecture.


In just a single month, more than 800 sets of our products have been purchased, further testifying to our reliability. Many customers keep coming back, which is all the proof we need.

Unflawed after sales service

Our factory has over 80 years of history and is the only one in Japan that crafts every component of kendo equipment. We can guarantee excellent after-sales support.

Company overview

 株式会社全日本武道具センター(Zen Nihon Budogu) - ALL JAPAN BUDOGU 
Executive Director: Takahiko Kawabe (川辺 尚彦)
Address: 1037 Abumida Ueki Machi Kita,
861-0142 Kumamoto City,
Phone number : +81 (0)96-288-4949
Email: alljapanbudoguworld@gmail.com
Office business hours:  9:00-17:00
(*Closed on weekends, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)