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For embroidery options, please check out the link provided below:

All Japan Budogu

ZEN (禅) was born from the result of careful research on Kendo form and movement, while taking functionality into consideration.

*Care instructions: Hand wash only, in clean cold water.

Please note - This product is dyed using genuine Japanese Aizome, and the colour will leak/stain objects, and the wearer. It is recommended that the product is washed by hand, to remove as much excess dye as possible before use. 100% Cotton, may shrink slightly after washing.

IMPORTANT: The ZEN series uniforms are depending on sizes MADE TO ORDER and no corners are cut in their production. As each garment is made dilegently in Japan, and due to the massive popularity of the ZEN brand, production can take 8 to 12 weeks.

※Please note that embroidery option may add up to 2 weeks to the lead time.


Size chart for kendogi:

*Caution: Be aware that the numbers in the size chart are regular measurements, but there may be slight stitching errors. The fabric might expand and contract a bit. If using a washing machine, use a laundry net to avoid damage. We can't accept returns or exchanges if the product has been washed or used for more than just trying it on. Please note that the product photos may differ slightly from the actual item.

Customers who are willing to have embroidery in romaji (alphabet letters), please refer to the examples below.
Please leave us a comment with your order or contact us directly by email about the position of the embroidery.
1.For other characters besides the name ( for example dojo, club name, etc) will be applied additional charge 110 JPY per one character.
2.Products that have been subject to embroidery or customization are not eligible for return, neither for a total refund.

Please take this into consideration before ordering embroidery.


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Customer Reviews

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Great Workmanship

I don’t have another double layer gi to compare this too.

The gi has the same 3-D sleeve stitch as the single layer tokujou gi, in fact I think the design pattern is the same.

The aizome quality on this gi, seems superior to the tokujou gi aizome, not that the tokujou gi aizome is “inferior”.

The cotton is good quality and overall this gi is very fine indeed. As said I don’t have another to compare this with, so I don’t know, in truth, if this is overpriced or not, value is of course a personal response to an object. So thus it can’t tell you if this is good value for you or not.

I bought it for several reasons- as a gift to myself for passing shinsa, to have a “best suit” for important occasions and because I felt that investing this amount of money on a gi (and hakama) was a statement of commitment to this art (for myself).

It’s a beautiful Gi.