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All Japan Budogu

Improved design, especially on the Eguri (wrist angle) and Tenouchi (palm design) made Himuka Kote comfortable, flexible with great mobility and incredible fitting. It has 8 mm Sashi-haba on the impact zone and 4 mm near to the end portion of the Kote-buton for a greater protectiveness and durability.


Availability: Usually ships between 3 to 4 months ※Please note that embroidery option may add up to 2 weeks to the lead time.
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Stitch width: 8 mm x 4 mm
Stitch pitch: 2.5 mm
Stitch type: Gunomezashi
Manufacture: Japan
Kotegashira material: Orizashi
Kotegashira type: Takumi Hyoujungata
Herikawa: Deerskin
Kotebuton material: Felt, mousen
Kotebuton hokyou material: Bushu-ICHI Orizashi
Purpose: All Purposes

Customers who are willing to have embroidery in romaji (alphabet letters), please refer to the examples below.
Please leave us a comment with your order or contact us directly by email about the position of the embroidery.
1.For other characters besides the name ( for example dojo, club name, etc) will be applied additional charge 110 JPY per one character.
2.Products that have been subject to embroidery or customization are not eligible for return, neither for a total refund.

Please take this into consideration before ordering embroidery.




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