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All Japan Budogu

Madake Dobari (Thicker lower body), Sakiboso (Thinner tip) and Tsuka-Goku-Futo (very thick grip) Shinai.

Available in size 39 MAN only.
*Grip Thickness: 32~33 mm (without fittings).

Availability: Usually ships between 3-5 business days. If item is out of stock, production and re-stock may require up to 1 to 2 months to ship.

*Select the corresponding product quantity you want.
1 means one Shinai, 2 means two Shinai and so on.
*Tsuba/Tsubadome not included.

CAUTION: Dear customers from Spain and Australia,please be advised that long size items such as shinai & bokuto can't be shipped by Japan Post (EMS) because of size limits.
Please select FedEx as the shipping method for shinai and bokuto. 

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Customer Reviews

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Ronaldo Patrocinio
Surprisingly comfortable for me

I'm not young haha, so I've had my share of joint-pain problems - particularly on my fingers. After finding out about thick grip shinais, I decided to get myself one since I reasoned that thicker grips = more relaxed finger joints for me.

And it did! This is just a personal opinion and preference, but I find my fingers are less tensed (usually, I suffer from clenching too much on the handle) than when I use my regular grip shinai. And with my fingers more relaxed, my wrist and forearm are more relaxed as well - resulting to more relaxed swings.

So far I've been only using it for suburis (not battle-tested yet), but I've been able to perform better strikes than before. If it doesn't break from the next few shiais, I am so gonna buy more haha